These are the current listing of books that are available and coming in the near future.

My very first e-book I've sold to Smashwords.  Blackout is a tale of Jessica who is ready to go on a vacation when her boss, Eric, asks her to stay on an extra week.  Sensing that he has an ulterior motive, Jessica confronts him in the elevator when it gets stuck.

Coming soon:

This lovely gem is a trilogy of stories about Sharon and Jayson, roommates that have great sexual chemistry with one another until a secret is revealed inadvertently, tearing them apart. They are reunited on a trip, with drama and a big surprise as uninvited guests.

In the works:
A Housewife's Revenge
Confessions of a Bridesmaid
A Foreign Affair (title may change)
Naughty & Naughtier and Other December Tales

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