Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Watch Me Wednesday Teaser #8

Another excerpt from the yet-to-be released story posted on June 28, 2013.


“Margaret, this is a great party,” Maurice shouted from the deep end of the pool.

“Thank you,” I replied, flashing him a big smile.

My husband came over to me, wearing the little blue Speedo trunks that accentuated his manhood perfectly. His skin looked darker than usual in the blazing sun.  I wanted to mount him right there in front of his friends while they watched. I remembered my reasoning for having this party: to get him to see that I can still keep things spicy in the bedroom, and to humiliate him in the same way he’s humiliated me by cheating on me with one of those gutter black chicks he likes to stare at in his magazines.

Robert bent down to kiss me, and to sneak his hand down my bikini bottoms to finger my already-wet nether lips. “Is someone happy to see me?” he asked.

“I’m always happy to see you, honey,” I replied.

“Woo-hoo, Robert! She wants you bad,” Maurice, James, and George shouted in unison.

“That’s why I married her,” Robert shouted back.

I take his hand out of my bikini bottoms and tasted myself off his finger. He looked at me the same way he did when we first met at the frat party years ago at the state university….