Friday, July 18, 2014

Where's Sylvia?

Hello, readers.

I have been busy with a lot of things lately. School and work takes up the majority of my time, and I am off for the hot summer days and nights.

First thing's first. I am resurrecting this site to add contributors to Watch Me Wednesdays, a 200-word snippet of WIPs (Works in Progress) they are working on for release. I also built a Facebook page called Watch Me Wednesdays, where authors can post the links to their snippets to the page as well.

The second thing is gathering a list of places for free stock images and designing book covers for upcoming stories and collections. I'm designing one right now for a collection of end-of-year holiday stories I plan on publishing just in time for Christmas. Speaking of stories, I finally decided to expand Roommates with Benefits, the trilogy I have on Lush Stories and turn it into an eBook. I also have a working sequel to Roommates with Benefits as well that's yet-to-be titled. I'm excited about this adventure.

Lastly, I almost got rid of this page. I decided to keep it up and put my fingers back on the keyboard. You will see more teasers coming  and I'll see you all around.


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