Saturday, May 25, 2013

On Planning Stories, Part One

Lately, I've been working on revising my very first piece of erotica called Blackout.  I've also reminisced on how I came about writing the short piece, and how I plan my stories.

A few years ago, I decide to write erotica pieces as a way to break out of the monotony of my job.  I looked online and found a site called Creative Writing Prompts.  One of the prompts I used was one that had something to do with sticking two people in an elevator that don't like each other.  I decided to tweak the prompt a bit, adding a little bit of tension and an argument until everything came to a head when one makes the move. 
I wrote down the prompt on a piece of paper, and got to work on writing.  I had a list of main characters' names I wanted to use and brief descriptions of each individual.   I didn't have any antagonists listed yet, I wanted them to be the polar opposite of the protagonists.  I started with the prompt as the central theme, and I added layers into the story. I wrote, rewrote scenes via email, put them together haphazardly into a Word document, and rearranged the story from there.

Some people swear by typing their stories, I prefer good old-fashioned longhand story writing.  Often times, I'm not near a computer, so I have a notebook in my satchel for plotting out story ideas while commuting to work, school, or running errands.  When work is slow, I would transcribe my notes into Word or in the body of an email. That way, if I get sued for plagiarism, I will have the proof for when I wrote something. In my notebook, I always put the date I wrote something and scan the page as a PDF file.  Lately, my friend suggested I use Dropbox to hold my items. I caved in and put my story ideas there, and uploaded a copy into Google Docs.  I had lost my thumb drive and had only hard copies of what I've scribbled down.

Sounds tedious, but it's worth protecting myself from trolls who want to discredit me and want to see me fail miserably.

Part Two coming soon!