Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Watch Me Wednesday Teaser #4

This is the final installment of Watch Me Wednesday teasers.  School is about to start again and I will be very busy.  More teasers will be posted as time is available, but I will keep the Wednesday title. Enjoy this little tidbit!

Priscilla looked on as her best friend Cynthia bounced up and down on her boyfriend’s dick in amazement.  Not too happy with what she wanted, but she got what she wished for.  She wanted to be there when she shared Damien with Cynthia, but never guessed that she would feel self-conscious about her skills in bed. As Cynthia rode Damien’s hard-on with ferocity, Priscilla wondered what the feeling was like if she fucked Cynthia’s boyfriend’s dick like that.
            Stepping out of the room she shared with Damien, Priscilla pulled her cell out of her pocket and dialed Aaron.
            “Hello?” Aaron asked.
            “Hey, Aaron. This is Priscilla. How are you?”
            “Alright. What’s up?”
            “I want to fuck you the same way that Cynthia fucks you.”
            “Geez, you don’t beat around the bush. Why do you want to do that?”
            “She’s enjoying herself a bit too much with Damien.”
            “Oh really?”
            “Yes, and I feel a bit inadequate in cock riding. Can you help me out in that area?”
            Priscilla secretly hoped Aaron would agree to help her. It would help her get an edge over Cynthia and keep Damien’s interest piqued. Were Aaron to comply, she wouldn’t necessarily be cuckolding her boyfriend.

That's it for now! I'll be back with  all new teasers and other goodies!