Sunday, March 25, 2012

Newest Novella

I just completed the prologue and the first two chapters of a novella called The Motor City Diaries. I had an idea to write a crime-drama in mind while I lived in Detroit.  I wanted to write a story about a person who died under mysterious circumstances, and have everyone who knows that person as suspects in the murder.

The story takes place at an artists' colony in the middle of a deserted neighborhood in Detroit.  On an empty lot, houses an  old factory that hasn't been in use in about forty years.  A group of people decided to buy the property and converted it into a functioning office/workshop. Surrounding the factory are a series of apartments, duplexes, and single-family homes that were abandoned. Every person that comes to the colony can purchase a place or rent it out to other people who comes to the colony to expand their work on art, music, writing or other creative outlets.

I don't want to tell what else is going on. I'll let more come out once I write more of the story.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Victory, For Now

Us writers won the censorship battle against Mark Coker and PayPal.  Since the announcement in February, several authors and eBooks were removed before teh final decision was made. Coker, trying to clam us down by giving us lip service, didn't fare well. I guess he didn't think the indie authors would rise up and make their voices heard, but we did. Thanks to the power of email, social media, and a network of writers, the decision was rescinded. Now, all stories containing rape, incest, and bestiality can be sold on Smashwords.
The people that want censorship needs to be censored.
There's another issue with the first amendment, that make it hard for journalists to report what happens by reporting the facts and having them accurately told to the public.  That's a story for another time. Maybe I'll turn this ordeal into a piece of erotica.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

PayPal, Smashwords, and the 1st Amendment

Lately, there's been a lot of talk going around that PayPal wants to cease the sale of certain pieces of erotica, and Smashwords is caught in its cross-hairs.  Mark Coker, the mouthpiece behind Smashwords, sent the authors of Smashwords an email, supposedly updating the terms of service, censoring what authors have written in the Erotica genre (incest, rape, bestiality).  Luckily,  my one eBook on there isn't affected, but the one I'm writing has a rape fantasy and a hardcore gang rape scene in it. 

I'm a believer in free speech and sometimes, I want to read a story that's filthy and goes against all taboos of mainstream society.  If a story has hardcore sex in it, I want to read it and it's my right to read it.  Are they going to monitor what we watch on the internet...oh wait, they already do that, thanks to the Nielsen ratings. I wonder would PayPal allow pictures of women being hog-tied and ass raped to be sold through its parent company, eBay. 
I hope my blog doesn't get censored for having a pic of my friends getting it on!

I hope more people would rise against censorship and remove themselves from all companies that use PayPal as a way of paying for pornographic reading material online, they would lose a lot of money from those sales, and Coker would have to renege and allow incest, rape, and bestiality stories back on Smashwords to get sold.  As long as the erotica genre stays the way it is, I'm going to keep reading and buying the stories until they tell me no and take away my credit card.