Sunday, January 29, 2012

Part Two of Roommates with Benefits, Now Online!

After working long hours getting the details down, my long-awaited sequel to Roommates with Benefits is now up.

It's off to write part three, which will leave everyone guessing.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Very First Cover

This is the very first cover that was designed for Blackout by my good friend, Gerald Dawson. A little bird came down and told me to take it down and redesign the cover. I told Gerald about it, and he was kind enough to design another cover for me, which was accepted. Thank you, Gerald!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Blogger Debut

I am officially a guest blogger on my friend Ray Sostre's site, After dark World Online. Check it out on the After Dark World blog!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012.. A New Beginning

2011 went out in fashion and 2012 came.  This year, I'm working on a novella called The Motor City Diaries.  It's about a murder at a not-for-profit center for creative individuals that's based in Detroit, Michigan. The story is filled with drama, crime, drug references, and relationships.

I'm putting an end to my Roommates series by writing the  final chapter in the installment that takes place one full year after the blizzard trapping the people in for a few days.  The third installment involves secrets coming out on a vacation, and someone may be expecting. All three of the stories are going to be compiled and put into ebook form and available on Smashwords.

I'm working on another short story called Lust in Casablanca: A Hard Bargain.  This story is about an American taboo romance writer who is in Morocco for a book signing and she meets a snake charmer. It's safe to say that something happens in the Saharan desert. Once that story's done, it will be available as well for reading consumption and download.

In addition to having all new stories, I want to make a promo video advertising the stories I will have available for downloading on Smashwords. A good friend of mine, Aussiescribbler,  suggested that I use a stie called Goodreads.  According to him, I can have an author page and links to where my stories can be found.  I shall see what this page is and make a jusgement call.

I have to also update my Facebook page as well. I haven't updated that page in a while, and if I'm going to be a serious independent writer, I have to prove that. Another way I'm doing that is my guest blog spot with After Dark Online. I'm in the editing phase of the entry I'm working on and I'll have it sent to the owner of the site by the end of this week.

I have to get off of here, update a certain page, and do some more writing.