Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Interrupt This Weekly Schedule.....

The Watch Me Wednesday teasers will be back next week, as I am working on a few projects.  New teasers will be posted online on different days until things calm down and return to its weekly schedule. I have a series of reviews that are being worked on and more guests stopping by in the near future. Hold on and I shan't leave you too long in suspense.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch Me Wednesday Teaser #3

This is an excerpt from an upcoming Christmas story for a holiday collection I’m working on called “Naughty and Naughtier”.
Santa's manager will really find out who's been naughty! Photo courtesy of

Dessert rolled around, and I drooled at the chocolate truffle torte that was being wheeled to the tables. Alan leans over and says, “I’m drooling over the other chocolate treat that’s next to me.”
Choking on a sip of champagne, I turn to look at my boss.  “Come again?” I ask.
 Alan puts his hand on my knee, running it up the side until he touched the top of my stocking. “I like the kind of chocolate that comes in a tiny velveteen dress that’s making me forget my manners. I want to know what the center of her beauty tastes like.”
I remove his hand from my leg and place it on the bulge of his pants and say to him, “I don’t sleep with just anybody, especially with some guy in a hotel.”
“I’m not some guy. I’m your boss.”
“Yes, you are my boss. Sleeping my way to a promotion isn’t how I operate.”
Alan was taken aback by my comment. Clearing his throat, he says, “I see you follow the company manual. You also know that interoffice romances and hook ups happen all of the time. You also said earlier that you take your work seriously, and I admire that about you. Are you doing anything after this party?”
 I thought about Roxie, and realized that Lucinda took Roxie over to her house so her two boys can play with her. “What did you have in mind?”
“Go to the twelfth floor, third room on the left and you’ll see. I’ll see to your coat. I’ll tell you what I want from Santa when you get there.”

That’s it for this week. See you again next week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watch Me Wednesday Teaser #2

The next installment of the teaser is from a WiP I have on the back burner. Enjoy!

Gigi walked over to the bar where Antonio was sitting, and ordered a martini with extra olives. Her caramel skin has gotten a bit darker. Gone were her thick glasses, wire braces, and orthopedic shoes. Her hair lost the old-school Jheri curl and grew long, almost passed her shoulders, and a lean body that fits her five-foot seven-inch frame.
            Antonio looked at Gigi, and couldn’t believe his eyes. Who is this chick? She’s not the same person from back in the day, he thought to himself. She is not the girl I once knew to wear Granny clothes and snort while laughing. Now, she looks like a runway model. What happened?
            Putting all perceptions of Gigi aside, he continued to look at Gigi with both lust and interest in his dark eyes. He had to admit to himself that she has cleaned up in the past fifteen years since he last saw her at their eighth-grade graduation. Now, she’s there at his high-school graduation with a friend of hers, and getting all of the attention of the guys there. The only thing he can think about is having her caramel-colored legs spread eagle for his snake of an eight-inch penis with a thick diameter.
            I have to have her tonight, Antonio thought to himself. I look good too. I got a low fade, beard is lined up correctly, I’m light-skinned with hazel eyes, Indian hair, and I’m a successful Black man in an Armani suit! What more does she want?
            She walked away and joined her friend, who was among a crowd of guys. Robert, Antonio’s best friend, asked, “Ant. Who is that sista in the Devil-May-Care red dress? You’ve been eyeing her since she walked in with Angelique.”
            “That’s Giselle. Word on the street is that she goes by Gigi now,” Antonio told Robert.

That’s it for this week. See you again next week!